Caring for a Shih Tzu with Young Children in the Home

The shih tzu breed is well known for being a great choice for families. However, due to their size and small bone structure, special care must be taken to prevent accidental injuries. 
When we began breeding our tzus, we were a family with three children in the home so we were all too aware of the potential for accidental injuries.  Teaching our children safe and appropriate play with our shih tzus has been a priority in our home. Accidents are inevitable, even when adults are interacting with the puppies/dogs. Unfortunately, a visiting adult once dropped one of our puppies shortly after we brought him home. Thank goodness, the puppy has not severely injured! 
I cannot stress how important it is to use two-hands (with a firm yet gentle grasp) when holding a pup and anticipate the pup could "pop" right out of your hands at any time. I also ask is that all of our visitors are sitting while holding a puppy. The safest ways for children to play with a puppy: sitting on the floor with legs crossed or sitting beside an adult on the sofa. We have seen a child almost accidentally sit on a puppy as they were attempting to sit on the floor so we ensure that someone is holding the pup as the child sits and stands up.

Puppies/dogs LOVE to play with and chew on children's toys. Be sure to puppy-proof before bringing puppy home.

Please visit the following sites for more information on how to encourage a safe, healthy relationship between your child(ren) and your puppy.

Bailey Grace and Hadyn