Water Bottle Stands

*ATTENTION: I do not keep a supply of water bottle stands on-hand to sell. However, if you would like to to purchase a water bottle stand, I am happy to place your order and pick it up when it is ready. The most efficient and least expensive way to purchase one is through me. The shipping can cost $13-$18 depending on where you live. If you place an order through me for a stand, you will need to place your order (via check or PayPal) by the time your puppy is 6 weeks old. 

At this time, there are two companies that we purchase our water bottle stands from, the Cook Family and Bailey Chairs, USA. I will be glad to answer any questions that you might have about these companies and/or their products.


We use these dinner mats under our water bottle stands (available at Walmart). They are great for catching the drips from the water bottles and there is also enough room on them for a food bowl.

Benefits of Using Water Bottles/Stands

Water bottle stands are most commonly used for show dogs (and cats) but they are becoming popular with pet families as well, especially for use with brachycephalic breeds.  The use of water bottle/stands reduces the amount of eye/face staining, keeps their faces clean/dry, and prevents bacterial growth.  I hated having to clean dog bowls every day because of food particle contamination.  I just clean the water bottles weekly...much easier than washing bowls.  If you currently have or have had a shih tzu, you are likely familiar with "reverse sneezing".  My dogs used to experience this issue regularly when using a water bowl. Switching to water bottles has practically eliminated reverse sneezing with all of my dogs.   The water bottle reduces gulping, so less chance of getting strangled on water.  I admit, I was skeptical when I first heard of these, but they have made a huge difference with my dogs. 

Cook Family Water Bottle Stands

The Cook Family is a husband and wife team from Hendersonville, NC that have been making water bottle stands for show dogs and pet families for over 10 years. My favorite feature about these stands is the fact that they are double-slotted, meaning that one side has a low slot for puppies and the other side has a higher slot for adults. Brilliant!

 Please contact me for more info about these stands or to place an order. 


Cook Family Water Bottle Stands are double notched in order to accommodate puppies and adults. 

Available Colors 

glossy white 

glossy black 

textured dark gray

textured dark brown

textured vanilla

textured almond

textured tan


Bailey Chairs, USA

The following information is from

Baileychairs, usa Facebook page 

(current as of 09-17-2018)

Water bottles are used by many pet owners to help prevent water soaked faces when their pets drink from a water bowl. Keeping the face dry also help prevent staining and bacteria in long haired breeds. Water bottles are also very helpful in limiting the amount of water a dog takes in at one time. Our stands are made of 4” PVC pipe and hold a standard 32 oz water bottle. The overall height is approximately 21” with the water nozzle resting approximately 11” from the floor. Custom sizes can be made for smaller or larger dogs. These stands are for INDOOR use only as direct sunlight will fade the color. Our stands are NOT painted, so no chipping of paint over time. They are permanently dyed to withstand daily use. They are available in a variety of colors including red, blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green, black, and wood grain. Our standard size stand is approx 21" tall and the water nozzle rests approx 11" from the floor. The base is 9" square making it very sturdy and not likely to tip over. Custom sizes can be built for larger or smaller dogs.

Prices start at $45 for a solid colored stand. For wood grain, add $15. If you would like a standard 32oz Lixit water bottle with your stand, add $12. Customization of size, add $15. 


Bailey Chairs, USA

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