Puppy Visits and Pick-up Days


UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, puppy pick-ups will occur outside of my home.  

Please make arrangements to stop at a rest area/gas station/etc on your way to pick up your puppy. 

Puppy visits and pick-up days are scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays beginning at noon.  I do my very best to reserve the first appointments for those that will have the greatest distance to travel. If someone is traveling a great distance or there are other extenuating circumstances that need to be considered, I will do what I can to be flexible. I like for the puppies to be at ease when they leave here.


(Pardon me while step up on my soapbox.)

Here's a little insight into what it's like to get a litter of puppies ready for pick-up...

Imagine having five highly-active, mostly white fur balls running around and it is feeding time. They are used to having time to enjoy eating breakfast with their siblings and then have a little time to play and potty before taking a late morning nap. However, their routine is about to be disrupted because we're going to have to rush breakfast and play time because five puppies need baths. Do you know what happens 90% of the time after a puppy has had a bathed and dried? They become relaxed and they poop. And for some reason, you can go ahead and assume that they are going to step in it before you can get to them because there is some law of nature that requires that a freshly washed pup has to step in poop within 30 minutes of being bathed. If you have puppy families arriving in the morning, you are going to have to bathe all five puppies right after they eat, and then keep them separated until they are picked up so that they don't have poop all over them. Being separated is stressful for them, even if they can see and smell each other. It is in the best interest of the puppies to maintain as much of their routine as possible and it is best if I am not having to rush to get all of them ready for early pick-ups so that they are not anxious when they leave. I firmly believe that puppies/dogs can sense the energy of the people and most often will mirror that energy. Based on my experience, the puppies are much happier and more at ease about the transition if we allow them to carry out their morning routine and then I can bathe them one at a time in between pick-ups. I want to set them up for success and I feel it is easier to achieve that if the transition is a smooth one.