For over a decade, we have used Cesar Millan's techniques with our dogs and foster dogs. We highly suggest training "Cesar's Way". The following information contains links to Cesar's website and other helpful websites.

Start your puppy off right. Basic training is an essential part of raising a puppy and it is never too soon to start preparing for training.  It is one of the best ways to bond with your puppy and trained puppies make happier dogs. Training is not just about getting your dog to behave the way that you want it to behave, it's about teaching your puppy and managing it's behavior in a way that promotes trust. Your puppy is worth the time and effort and you will never regret the time and effort that you put into training.


Be sure to puppy-proof your home. Set your puppy up for success by removing hazards and items that you do not want to be chewed on, peed on, or otherwise destroyed.  Bringing home a puppy is very similar to bringing a human toddler into your home.  Before you bring puppy home, you will need to consider your home from your puppies point of view. He/she might be sad, scared, confused, excited, or curious about his/her new surroundings. Think about how you can help your puppy feel more secure in your home. If you would like some suggestions on how to create a puppy-friendly environment, we'd love to share what has worked for us!

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"It becomes very obvious, by reading a dog, how stable or unstable his human companion is. Our dogs are our mirrors."

- Cesar Millan

"As the Pack Leader, you should fill your dog with confidence and calm, submissive energy when you return home. Your dog may not look as happy, but trust me - a dog that sits quietly and looks at you when you come home is much, much happier than a dog that is bouncing off the walls."

- Cesar Millan

"Never let any animal 'push your buttons'. Never, ever correct an animal out of frustration. When you try to correct your dog out of anger, you are usually more out of control than your dog is. You are fulfilling your own needs, not the animal's - and in a profoundly unhealthy way. Trust me, your dog will sense your unstable energy and often escalate her unwanted behavior instead. Remember, your dog is your mirror. The behavior you get back is usually, in some way, a reflection of your own."

- Cesar Millan

AKC Good Dog! Helpline

The AKC GoodDog! Helpline (GDH) is a live telephone subscription service that offers training advice to new puppy owners.

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