First Things First...

You will need to have a reputable
veterinarian and groomer.
Verify that your veterinarian is willing to accept breeder's documentation of vaccinations.
Even if you plan to train your puppy on your own, it is a good idea to get recommendations for a reputable dog trainer. If you have never raised a puppy or if it has been a long time since you raised a puppy, I recommend finding a reputable trainer and reaching out to them (before you bring your puppy home) in order to schedule an initial training session.
Your veterinarian and/or groomer should be able to provide recommendations for trainers.


The first step in activating our Health Guarantee is to have your puppy evaluated by a veterinarian of your choice WITHIN THREE BUSINESS DAYS of picking up your puppy. This requires planning on your part, so please be sure to make a plan for scheduling a visit for your pup. Please refer to the Sales Contract/Health Guarantee for specific details.


UPDATES: Email updates will occur weekly.
PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Photos and videos are provided as a courtesy when time and opportunity allows. Our main priority is caring for mamas and puppies and socialization of the puppies. We will TRY to provide 2-3 photos at 4, 6, and 8 wks.
VISITS: Prior to March 2020, puppy parents were welcome to schedule a visit to meet their puppy once the puppy was 6 weeks old. Due to COVID, we have not allowed in-home puppy visits at 6 wks. Since this is an on-going, ever-changing issue, decisions regarding visits will be made (with input from my veterinarian) on a case by case, litter by litter basis. Thank you in advance, for your understanding and patience.


We provide a blanket with the scent of dam and litter mates, health/vaccine and deworming documentation, letter of examination from my veterinarian, a toy, a puppy-sized harness and leash, and microchip registration info. All of these items come in a reusable tote bag.