First Things First...

You will need to have a reputable veterinarian and groomer. Verify that your veterinarian is willing to accept breeder's documentation of vaccinations. 

The first step in activating our Health Guarantee is to have your puppy evaluated by a veterinarian of your choice WITHIN THREE BUSINESS DAYS of picking up your puppy. This requires planning on your part, so please be sure to make a plan for scheduling a visit for your pup. Please refer to the Sales Contract/Health Guarantee for further details.


UPDATES: Birth announcements will occur once the puppies are two weeks old. Email updates will occur weekly thereafter.


PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Photos and videos are provided as a courtesy when time and opportunity allows. Our main priority is caring for mamas and puppies and socialization of the puppies. We will strive to provide 2-3 photos at 4, 6, and 8 wks.


VISITS: Prior to March 2020, puppy parents were welcome to schedule a visit to meet their puppy once the puppy was 6 weeks old. Due to COVID, we have not had in-home puppy visits at 6 wks. Since this is an on-going, ever-changing issue, decisions regarding visits will be made (with input from my veterinarian) on a case by case, litter by litter basis. Thank you in advance, for your understanding and patience.


We provide a blanket with the scent of dam and litter mates, health documentation, AKC registration paperwork, and microchip registration info. All of these items come in a reusable tote bag.