Southern Grace Shih Tzus is devoted to raising adult shih tzus in a loving, ethical manner that will produce high quality puppies for loving pet homes. SG breeds for health, temperament, and beauty. All of our dogs and puppies live with us in our home where they are socialized with adults, children, and other pets. We spend a great deal of time interacting with and handling our puppies and we enjoy watching them as their personalities develop. We specialize in creating an atmosphere that encourages healthy habits and normal puppy development. Environmental enrichment is provided through interactive games that promote mental and physical well-being. Our puppies are raised in a clean, safe, loving environment where they have the opportunity to experience sights and sounds of an active household. 

Southern Grace Shih Tzus maintains a commitment to providing the highest quality and up-to-date methods for maintaining a reputable breeding program according to AKC recommendations. We maintain a high level of quality by regularly completing AKC continuing education courses and by consistently utilizing AKC breeder resources.


I have successfully completed the following AKC Breeder Education Courses/Exams:

  • Breeding Basics

  • Anatomy

  • Pedigree

  • Selection

  • Genetics

  • Genetic Defects

  • Whelping Medical Intervention

  • Nutritional Influence on Reproduction

Recommended Book


We provide this book in our "Puppy Pack".