In order to optimize the web page in terms of system performance, practicability and provision of useful information about the services, Southern Grace Shih Tzus collects and stores information in log files on the user’s computer. These include the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, data on the browser type and language settings, the operating system, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and date/time of the visit. This data is used by Southern Grace Shih Tzus to effectively manage the web pages in order to find out more about the preferences of customers across the web pages, to analyse trends, and to collect comprehensive demographic information about the users. The collected data may be used for marketing and advertising purposes, as well as for communication.


If there is usage of non-personal data used in conjunction with personal information, such data is treated as personal data so long as they are used collectively. Regarding the information gathered from cookies and other comparable techniques: The Declaration on the Protection of Personal data from these Terms and Conditions applies.


Web pages, e-mails, web services, advertising and interactive applications can use the so-called cookies (hereinafter: “cookies”) for the optimization of services. A cookie is a small file usually containing a sequence of letters and numbers that is loaded into the user’s terminal equipment (computer, mobile device, etc.; in these Terms and Conditions generally referred to as: “electronic device”) when visiting Southern Grace Shih Tzus website (Southern Grace Shih Tzus sends the cookie file to the user’s computer hard drive).

For example, the Southern Grace Shih Tzus website can then use them to identify the user’s devices when the connection between the web server and the web browser is established. The main purpose of the cookie is to enable the web server to provide the user with customized web pages allowing for a more personal experience during a visit to the Southern Grace Shih Tzus website. This also allows for better response capabilities to individual user’s requirements. Cookies allow Southern Grace Shih Tzus to obtain more information about how users use their web site and as a means of improving the user’s experience during their visit to a certain web page.


Southern Grace Shih Tzus can use the following types of cookies on their web pages: temporary or session cookies (hereinafter: “session cookies”): these are temporary cookies that are stored in the cookie file in the user’s browser for the duration of the user’s session (for the duration of the browsing and are deleted with the expiry of the session). These cookies are required for the proper operation of specific applications or functionalities on Southern Grace Shih Tzus web pages; our own cookies (1st party cookies) originate from the Southern Grace Shih Tzus web pages the user is visiting and may be permanent or temporary. Web pages use these cookies to store information that the web page will reuse during the user’s next visit to the site.


More information about cookies can be found on the world wide web, for example on the following web page: Where the user’s consent is necessary for the usage or installation of cookies, Southern Grace Shih Tzus will obtain the user’s consent before using them or installing them into the user’s electronic device.

For the continuous optimization of website communications, Southern Grace Shih Tzus uses the analytical software Google Analytics by Google Inc. on their web pages, which uses cookies for the purpose of analyzing traffic (counting visitors, identification of browsers and keywords in search strings, problems with the navigation Panel). Southern Grace Shih Tzus informs the user about the cookies and obtains their consent before using them or downloading them to the user’s electronic device. This allows for online behavior tracking; in the collection stage, the cookies store information on how users use the web page, including the number of displayed pages, where the user comes from (geo-location), time of the visit and the number of visits, in order to enhance the web page and to ensure exceptional quality for the user’s browsing experience. This data is collected through tracking cookies. Data obtained through cookies are anonymous and are not associated with personal information. Southern Grace Shih Tzus does not share this information with any third party for third party use. If the user does not accept cookies, no information is stored.